December 5, 2015


This recipe for the thinnest oatmeal cookies reminded me of my favorite herb that I never cook with: fennel.
I've been adding it to my avocado sandwiches lately and am planning to make a batch of granola with fennel, crystalized ginger and walnuts.

Speaking of, I started a new Instagram as a dumping ground for all the miscellaneous food photos accumulated on my phone.
Fall (and I guess it's winter now?) has been full of barbecues, cookie recipe testing, and dinners with friends.

And lastly, a beautiful London kitchen on Remodelista.  I recently moved into a new apartment and am slowly working
on accumulating all my ideal kitchenware.


Abril P said...

That remodelista page is just perfect for me right now! I moved to a new apartment too and I wanted ideas for decoration.

Ethel said...

Hey Camille, I just wanna say that many years ago, you posted a cookie recipe, I think it was chocolate chip? It's the best cookie recipe EVER. Seriously. And I want to thank you for that.