March 30, 2015


I don't often have much time to think about this small bit of internet realty I staked out and once zealously updated but occasionally I do miss this blog as a dumping ground for all the fun and interesting things I've discovered and/or made. Even though most of my internet-ing is now done on social media platforms, it's still nice to have a space that feels like your own.

On the left, a pre-slicing frenzy shot of a freshly baked lemon poppyseed loaf with earl grey glaze shared with friends on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. On the right, new vessels. Pilar Wiley vase and Akihiro Nikarido and Sottsass-Marutomi bowls.

I made this dried flower arrangement at a workshop a pop-up in Glendale for Tokyo-based The Little Shop of Flowers and will probably gift it to my mom. I picked up the beautiful black clay bowl in the photo above while I was there too. Such thin and delicate wheel thrown pieces always amaze me.

It already feels like summer in LA which has me dreaming of this linen convertible tie-skirt from Rowena Sartin. Kristin is very kind to let me play model every once in a while. :)

Reading The Street of Crocodiles and other stories by Bruno Schulz. Ordered it from Powell's on a whim with some leftover store credit and am so, so pleased. Highly recommended.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Indonesia with my dad and sister and finally got around to developing photos. Going through them feels a bit like reliving the trip and now I'm nostalgic for the lush flora and fauna around Bali and Gadog.