June 20, 2013


Photo by Lulu

So, I'm in Los Angeles for the summer doing some design work for The Fashion Club and otherwise hanging out. It's been nearly three weeks since I arrived but I'm still adjusting to feeling perpetually sweaty and sitting in traffic. Still on the fence about you, LA.

June 14, 2013


10 Corso Como, Fueguia 1833 Acacia

Wandered into Scent Bar with a friend a few days ago and got a mini tour of the world of perfumes. At first overwhelmed by the sheer number of scents out there, these two were my favorites. Both very subtle. 10 Corso Como a little more androgynous, the Acacia refreshingly feminine.

ps. I'm in LA for the summer! Been here almost two weeks now. Still settling in hence the sparse posts.

June 6, 2013


Autoctona Stud and Spike earrings

The jewelry line Autoctona has been on my radar for a while. Clean, conceptual jewelry without the jewels, so to speak. The subtle details of mixed metals and hand-dyed nylon rope are interesting enough to catch the eye without distracting. My personal favorites are their spike and stud earrings. Exactly the kind of thing I would wear if my ears were pierced.