January 20, 2014


Time is flying by.
These photos are from the beginning of December, taken in the bright Hawaiian sun.

January 9, 2014


Just finished reading (re-reading in the case of Calvino) If on a winter's night a traveler and Meditations in an Emergency. I feel like I read constantly online but this year I'd like to read more physical books and academic texts. Open to any suggestions related to linguistics/language, intersectional feminism, critical race theory, textiles/design, etc.!

Next up on my list: Lunch Poems, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, To Whom it May Concern, Here and There Vol. 8

January 5, 2014


Spur of the moment holy grail purchase at Totokaelo on a NYE day trip up to Seattle. Happy New Year to me.

January 2, 2014


Kirsten Owen by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine / Mariacarla Boscono by Zoe Ghertner for Herm├ęs

Nude tops and black bottoms.


Happy New Year!!

Twenty thirteen flew by but it was an excellent year. I graduated from college, adopted a dog, spent a summer working in LA, traveled around SE Asia with my dad, began working with incredible people, and ended an expiring relationship. It was a year of growth. It was tumultuous and scary and joyful.

The idea of new beginnings always excites me but this new year especially has me filled with energy and optimism, and I hope you all are too.