April 13, 2015


A.P.C. x Ball Pagés espadrilles

My wardrobe has reached a very static point in the past couple of years. Occasionally new pieces come into my possession (an old TFC sample here or a 50¢ Joshua Tree thrift store sweater there), but I can't remember the last time I went shopping with the intent of purchasing something new or coveted something in that way. If anything I want even less clothing. But wear and tear from months and in some cases, years of use on the same few items does take its toll and after a while buying new clothes and shoes becomes necessary.

So this morning, when during my usual pre-rolling out of bed Instagram scrolling the new A.P.C. x Ball Pagés sandals caught my eye and I felt a deliberate urge to go to the A.P.C. store to try them on, I did so. I've been schlepping around in my weathered navy Riudavets for about a year too long and every other sandal I'd seen looked tired or simply not "me". So I went, spent a good hour trying on the white pair, then the black, then the white, then one each foot, then the black again and came home with new shoes. I still kind of want the white pair.


Annie Chang said...

amazing pair!


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes !
I also discovered a few days ago an amazing online shop : http://www.poilei.com/collections/damenschuhe-online

Tilda said...

hello Camille, do these run rather small or big? I have tiny feet, so I'm a bit unsure if a US5 is small enough ;)

camille said...

Jia - I would say they run about a half size small. I'm a true 6.5 and the 37 fits pretty snug but I think they will stretch and form to your feet with wear.

Tilda said...

thanks so much!