April 17, 2015


Dreaming of a vegetable garden this summer.

I recently started feeling nostalgic for a house with a yard after I dug up this photo of the leafy greens and herbs I planted several years ago in the backyard of my parent's house in Portland. Living in a converted warehouse apartment on Skid Row doesn't have quite the same charms. But these photos below of Edible Gardens LA's vegetable gardens are motivating me to start working on a small plot up on the roof. There is something so gratifying about working in the dirt, watching your plants grow, and being able to pluck some lettuce leaves and make a salad on the spot. Maybe next year I'll join a community garden. 

More inspiring edible gardens: Lucy Vincent's on Freunde von Freunden and Lotte and Claudia's on Flickr.


Joana Chaves said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss having a proper garden. This is beautiful.


Marissa Abigail said...

Hello! Love your blog posts <3

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Unknown said...

Lucy's home is a dream.