April 11, 2014


Clyde coin purse, Comme des Garçons cardcase

A few (not so) recent purchases I've been meaning to share. Making the switch from a checkbook wallet to this CDG cardcase was a surprisingly significant lifestyle change that I feel only the better for and this rabbit coin pouch is a fun texture to encounter when I carry a bag.

And I thought it was about time I upgraded from baby shampoo to something, anything else so I picked these up at the Ace. I used it in Palm Springs last year and it did wonders restoring my dead ends. May try out some Aesop next since it's so close to work.

Rudy's shampoo and conditioner


Desiree Choo said...

That coin purse is lovely!

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agnes szucs said...

awesome tiles, too!

agnes / iiiinpired