December 3, 2014


National and international news has been weighing heavily on my mind these days.
I find myself receding into quiet domestic pleasures alone. Feels like winter.


- making ox tail soup

- spending a few hours at the library, reading things old and new
(recently: Wild Fruits, Capital in the Twenty First Century, Paris Review interview with Mark Strand)

- roasted dandelion tea in the morning and before bed

- enjoying views that don't belong to me

- baking cakes to bring to friends
(recently: Floriole's lemon olive oil cake and this lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce)

- exploring the moon


j said...

you're so lovely!

Luna said...

I've been feeling house-bound and pre-occupied with domestic thoughts too. It does feel like winter in the mind. I'm glad to hear about this dandelion tea. That sounds delicious and soothing :)