August 7, 2014


Joshua Tree National Park

Brought my camera on a solo day trip to Joshua Tree back in June and snapped a bunch of photos, unaware I had loaded it with black and white film a few weeks prior. At first I was bummed out that I had "wasted" certain shots I was envisioning in color, but I actually prefer these to most the color ones I took. Should shoot in black and white more often.


Amy ♥ said...

These are so beautiful! I think there's something really lovely about black and white. I feel like it lets the image speak for itself and really makes you look and take in the details instead of being distracted by the colours.

ODYSSEY said...

Black and white landscape photography is tricky to "get right" but these images you snapped are simply stunning.
Desert imagery devoid of color is unexpected and very appealing to my eye.

Kerold och Carolinas reflektioner said...


Unknown said...

Stunning pictures! Makes me feel so small.
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Unknown said...

Wow.....looking amazing. Love it :-)

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