May 12, 2014


A few weekends ago.
It's so nice to have friends visiting to wake you from your work routine (and take your photo so you can finally update your blog).

You can't really tell it's anything special from this photo, but this sweater has received a surprising number of compliments since I got it. I cut the side seams up to the armpit, creating a really nice A-line shape and exposing a bit of skin. A quick snip of the scissors and a regular old Hanes sweatshirt is now a frequent talking point for me.

Something so simple has helped remind me of what I love so much about clothes: the changeable natural of materials. While I belive in paying a certain amount of respect to the intended design of clothing, my personal philosophy is that clothes exist to be played with, altered and I encourage the liberal use of scissors. Some of you might remember long ago when I took a Sharpie to an expensive pair of heels and while I'd probably bring them to a cobbler now, I like thinking back to the spirit of a younger me, so brazen as to imprint her mark on something.


Unknown said...

Great Shot!!

M B said...

I remember that Sharpie on those Marnis. that takes guts. glad to see you still brazen!

Unknown said...

Looks good =)


tanya said...

Mate I remember when you sharpied those Marni's when you were still a teenager and the crazzzzzy backlash that you had to face from all those anonymous commenters.

Lady you had balls and I love to see the way your style has developed over the years. I just wish you hadn't deleted all your old posts. You had some of the best archives to go through, such great reads and really stimulating. Perhaps one day you'll put them back online :)

E.N.H. said...

The split shirt sounds brilliant. Cool shades as well.

Matthew Spade said...

The sweater looks great - something my gf would be all over.

Buckets & Spades

Elle J said...

Definitely remember that - Have been inspired to do the same to many jean labels I want to be more anonymous - black sharpie and the names disappear, I def prefer a classic black square.