June 20, 2013


Photo by Lulu

So, I'm in Los Angeles for the summer doing some design work for The Fashion Club and otherwise hanging out. It's been nearly three weeks since I arrived but I'm still adjusting to feeling perpetually sweaty and sitting in traffic. Still on the fence about you, LA.


Jennifer said...

Welcome to LA!

xo Jennifer


Annie Chang said...

simple chic!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

L.A sounds like a great place to spend the summer in. Good luck with your new job. Cool outfit, by the way. It's very relaxed, and very L.A.
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Ria said...

Yeah I'm not crazy about LA at all.

Chantelle said...

agreed, the amount of time spent in cars/travelling was super annoying.

Delia Salsabila said...

Nice sunglasses x


La Dolce Moda said...

This outfit is gorgeous, and it's so LA.. I'm sure sunny LA is slowly growing on you.
How cool that you're designing for The fashion club!
You have a fantastic blog!
I just followed you and I'm checking out your older posts.
I'm a huge fan!!!!

If you like, I would be incredibly honored if you could check out, and maybe follow La Dolce Moda

Francesca from La Dolce Moda

Cassandra Too said...

Have fun in LA! I like your sandals! :D

with love, Cassandra xx

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Patrizia said...

You have a great blog! Full of interesting content. Love your sandals! Have fun in LA!

amalie said...

ohh good luck with the design work. love your tee! and i need sandals like datttt xx

Vanessa said...

ugh I know, I've lived in the LA area my whole life and I'm still adjusting to it... :(

Anonymous said...

you look like girl version Alexander Wang here. I still wish that you post more regularly.

Jen Silouette said...

Lovely simple look!! Good luck with your project!!!



Jacky said...

pretty outfit, love the tee <3


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so pretty

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Morena said...

great simple look ! love it !!