November 12, 2013


The Fashion Club jacket and pin / Target muscle tee / selfmade skirt

Repping The Fashion Club in the Northwest.


Leslie: HauteReb3l said...

That jacket is awesome!

ronan said...

i love this! x

Style StreetStalker said...

What a cool post! Fab blog, may have to return to stalk you more!


dinda belle said...

Wow :O

Kier Couture said...

Gorgeous! Where in the NW are you?

Followed you on bloglovin! :)

With Love From Hollywood,
Fashion Addict LA
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Unknown said...

Hello Camille!
I've been following your blog a long time ago, and now I rediscovered it again! Just wanted to say I am happy that you keep on doing it and I really enjoy your outfits that give me a lot of inspiration, even if my style is not really the same as yours

Unknown said...

Your blog is such an inspiration, love how your outfits are so clean easily thrown together. x

Unknown said...

chilled look!
Rara from RepeatPiece

YUKO said...

I spy pattern paper and oak tag. Are you now a design student?