August 27, 2014


Really feeling these photos of Daria taken by Mikael Jansson for the most recent issue of Interview. It's been a moody summer.

August 7, 2014


Joshua Tree National Park

Brought my camera on a solo day trip to Joshua Tree back in June and snapped a bunch of photos, unaware I had loaded it with black and white film a few weeks prior. At first I was bummed out that I had "wasted" certain shots I was envisioning in color, but I actually prefer these to most the color ones I took. Should shoot in black and white more often.


Jil Sander dress, Dries van Noten boots, Acne Studios trousers

Ideal wardrobe additions.

July 28, 2014


Zara sale find to give my Dieppa Restrepo's a much needed break.

I've been enjoying only owning a few pairs of shoes; a sneaker, loafer, sandal and boot are all I really need. But without several pairs to rotate between and with all the walking I do, the lifespan of my shoes seems to fly by. My sneakers have holes in the toes and the stitching on my sandals is unraveling in several places so I've been picking up backup pairs.

June 22, 2014


Finds from Tortoise General store a few weeks ago. Some day I'll buy an entire Hasami dinnerware set from there... *___*

One of my only complaints about living in LA is how difficult my skin is here. Dry desert weather plus the disgusting air quality downtown has transformed my previously minimal effort beauty routine into a high maintenance ordeal that only barely staves off clogged pores and breakouts. This clay and charcoal face soap combined with an exfoliating towel is helping a lot right now but I think I need to look into new moisturizers as well. Any recs for super sensitive dry skin?